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Where should Australians invest in 2022?

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05 Jun 2022, 10 GMT+10

Passive income has been a desirable source of income for many young people not only in Australia but throughout the world for many hundreds of years. And rightly so, because passive income allows you to earn money through a reasonable contribution, thereby saving vital resources that we otherwise spend on daily routine work. However, every investment requires careful thought and risk assessment. Also, no investment gives a 100% guarantee of a return on funds, because profitability depends on many factors. This is especially true for long-term investments. However, with the right approach and proper study of the issue, passive income can be a worthy source of profit. An important factor in safe investment is choosing a safe investment company such as Axegy. The main objective of which is to preserve the funds of its depositors.

Many are wondering how, how much and where to invest money. The good news is that you can invest as little as you can, $100 or $100,000, depending on your budget.

Preparing to invest

The first rule to remember before you make a deposit anywhere is to assess the state of your current financial status. If you have debts, mortgages, and loans, then investing even a small amount is unlikely to be a reasonable decision. Therefore, before you invest your money at interest in a particular stock or exchange, get rid of debt.

The second rule is that even a short-term investment requires patience and a cold mind. Because if you want to make a profit the very next day, most likely you will burn out.

Finally, the third rule. Choose investment specialists. If you invest yourself, then you can earn more interest, but you have more risks of losing your money. By investing with investment companies such as the Australian company Axegy, you eliminate these risks. Such companies have vast experience in investing and constantly diversify the risks of losing money.

Ways to invest

Now consider the most attractive and versatile investment options for beginners.


Perhaps the most famous way of investing for people with different budgets and experiences. In the portfolio of almost every investor, you will find at least one investment in stocks. Buy low, sell high is a motto that has been around for centuries, but stocks aren't the only way to make money. You will also be able to receive dividends as the company grows and develops.

2. ETF

An alternative to stocks is the ETF. Their meaning is about the same: you can buy and sell ETF within your investment portfolio. The only difference is that it includes the money of several (or many) investors who pool together and allow you to buy and sell in a certain part of the market.

The main advantage of ETF is that you can invest in high turnover companies with little initial capital and still make big profits. The caveat to keep in mind when investing in ETF is that you can never get more than the value of the index it tracks.

3. Managed funds

Managed funds work on the same principle as ETFs, however, instead of passively tracking the index, the fund manager works to increase the client's profits by developing a buy-sell strategy. Here the human factor plays an important role because the manager cannot always create a competitive strategy that will be most effective for you. This should be taken into account when investing.

However, when working with the right specialist, you can get high dividends.

4. Superannuation

A solution for the long term with the expectation of earning income in retirement. You will not be able to receive money immediately after the deposit, but you will be able to receive it years later according to the rules of this type of investment. This includes reducing fees, adjusting your superfund strategy to suit your needs, and taking full control of your funds.

5. Real estate

An ambiguous option for young Australians because the cost of any property, be it an apartment or an office, is quite high. However, if you have capital, you can invest in real estate and make a profit in the long run in two ways:

Moving from rented housing to your own will reduce rental costs.

Renting out to other people. Potential risks include damage and breakdowns that may require repair.

With proper planning and consultation with a specialist, as well as with a careful selection of candidates for renting your property, you can turn a small area into a worthy source of income.

6. Cryptocurrency

The trend of the last few years has made a lot of noise among young people. An ambiguous option today because the rate is constantly jumping, and you can lose both in the short and long term. If you still want to try your hand at the cryptocurrency market, research reputable sources online or consult with a financial manager and lawyer.

7. Metaverses and NFT

The most profitable way to invest in 2022-2025. With the right investment, the yield in this direction can reach up to 1000% per year. But such profitability is not available to everyone, but only to large investment companies. Companies such as the Australian Axegy.

Final thoughts

The world of investing can seem like an incomprehensible, slippery, and unreliable niche. However, it is always worth a try if you have the capital to risk. The main thing to remember is that you should not invest everything you have in any project or stock. It is also necessary to always consult with a specialist about a particular action or plan. But if you don't try, you'll also regret not making the investment. As now, many regret that they did not buy bitcoin at the stage of its inception.

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