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GUANGZHOU, China, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 16, Chinese herbal health products provider Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (Infinitus) and Xinhuanet co-hosted the online 2022 Positive Energy Campaign for China's health food industry and the 6.16 Infinitus Norm Management Day Live Broadcast Sharing Event. This is the sixth year in a row that the company has hosted the event.

This event was live streamed through Xinhuanet's and Infinitus' official live broadcast platforms, garnering more than 2,369,000 views by 11:30 AM of the same day.

Implementation of norm management protocols by all health food producers ensures the future of the sector

Serving as the backbone of the health food sector, the food production companies are the ones that can enforce norm management procedures. More and more health food makers are promoting sustainable development by way of innovation in technologies, upgrading the production model, improving the management system and strictly controlling safety protocols throughout the production process, among other measures.

Xinhuanet assistant to the president Xu Mingwei said that the steps needed to ensure the healthy growth of the sector require the joint participation and cooperation of all parties involved, with the producers taking on the responsibility and obligation to help consumers correctly understand the efficacy of health food, responsible government oversight agencies enhancing their supervision, and media organizations increasing science-evidenced coverage of the sector.

Infinitus managing director Huang Jianlong said in a speech that norm management is the premise of a proper functioning producer, while integrity and self-discipline are the guarantee. Only those producers that truly respect consumers and constantly create value for them can truly gain long-term momentum.

Mr. Huang noted that Infinitus chose the road that may have been the most difficult one, yet the one that ultimately proved to be the most worthwhile. Infinitus has steered the course for 30 years, with the dedication that is needed to properly and thoroughly design, develop and produce quality health care and Chinese herbal medicine health products, while, at the same time, promote the benefits of Chinese wellness culture. The company believes in the good that can come from the transmission of positive energy and has celebrated Norm Management Day for six consecutive years in a move to foster awareness of the processes involved and of their importance alongside instilling best practices among dealers. In quality management, Infinitus has always stood by the fact that 100-1=0 and seeks to integrate a culture of "quality first" into every link of the production chain, including planting, R&D, production and sales. At the same time, the company calls on everyone involved in the chain to run operations that allow them to turn a profit, while consciously serving society, and working together to make new and greater contributions to the Healthy China initiative.

Experts and scholars gather in the Infinitus Health Food Observation Room to develop a set of guidelines that all players need to follow

In the Infinitus Health Food Observation Room, the guests in attendance talked about regulation of and innovation across the health care products sector from different perspectives.

Zhang Yongjian, Director of the Food and Drug Industry Development and Regulatory Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said, to meet the upcoming challenges, we need to focus on six areas: proper business models, improvement of operations and management (O&M) capabilities, better regulatory oversight, upgrading of technology R&D capabilities, enhancement in the education about health food products among all personnel working in the sector, and the fostering of nature and environmental awareness.

Xu Huafeng, vice chairman and secretary general of China Health Care Association, explained that it behooves the health food industry to keep pace with the times in terms of best operational practices, bring the marketing methods up to the next level by better leveraging data sharing and integration, with a heightened focus on data about consumer demand. All producers involved in the sector must produce and deliver high-quality products rich in technology to consumers in the most convenient and secure way, with an eye towards interconnected development on the premise of ensuring data security throughout the industry chain. Ultimately the goal is to move beyond any of the current limitations, to create a situation where everyone at every stage of the industry chain is a winner as a result of sharing, to meet the diversified and personalized health needs of consumers and to genuinely deliver comprehensive life-cycle health services as a result of digital transformation.

What role has the health food sector played since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic: In the opinion of Li Liangqiu, executive vice president of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, on the one hand, the industry is clearly in a stage of evolution, with stricter regulatory oversight that has resulted in the elimination of non-standard products as well as the kicking out of companies that have engaged in false advertising. On the other hand, the market is witnessing a new demand for health food, with consumers seeking more high-quality products based on technological innovation. With the heightening of awareness among consumers of nutrition, good health and health food science alongside the importance of maintaining one's immune system, better products and services will drive the growth of the market.

Enhancing business ethics across the industry

Zhang Xiao, vice dean of the School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China, was also invited to give a keynote speech on Why business ethics is so important? He said that the health food industry must make the understanding of and adherence to business ethics a prerequisite to even enter the sector. He believes that these ethics should be defined as a combination of traditional Chinese health and Western biotechnology cultures, grounded in a positive life philosophy, which not only consists of the internal power to guide people to engage in a lifestyle with positive energy, but also enable technology-enriched products that enhance everyone's health.

Zhang Jinjing, inspector at the Department of the Special Food of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said that, in the future, industry associations, experts and scholars, health food producers, government regulatory agencies, and the media must work together to facilitate norm management among all players along the production chain, so as to play a positive role in the nutrition and health of the general public, while, at the same time, empowering the sustainable and healthy growth of the sector.


SOURCE Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.

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