Wed, 07 Jun 2023

PARIS and SHANGHAI, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- To get a 360-degree experience of the world of innovations and technology, A2MAC1 is announcing the opening of a new 45,000 sq. ft. benchmarking center and sales office in Chennai, India. This strategic location reinforces A2MAC1's presence in the Asian market, a pillar of the mobility and transportation industry, joining its existing locations in Japan, China, South Korea, and Thailand.

Winning in Asia, a rewarding step for A2MAC1

"With the desire to better anticipate market trends and meet our clients' needs, it seemed obvious for A2MAC1 to continue its expansion in the heart of the Asian market with these new offices in India. As Asia is a strategic area of activity for us and is essential to the exponential development of our business, this expansion is in line with our ongoing ambition to broaden our field of expertise and to continue to provide innovative and high-value-added solutions to our clients across multiple industries." Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1

A2MAC1, the undisputed global leader in automotive technology benchmarking, has rigorously analyzed the technologies and innovations since 1997. It has continuously innovated on the market leading insights it generates for its clients. In recent years A2MAC1 extended its historical core technical benchmarking data offering with performance and cost benchmarking data as well as introduced unique 360 vehicle insights to provide maximum value for its clients. A2MAC1 works with most leading global players in the automotive supply chain, across OEMs, OESs and their suppliers. Today, the company is widening its scope to address new dynamics in the automotive sector and extending its services to new industries.

25 years of showing the world how to be smarter, more sustainable, and be more competitive

A2MAC1 was one of the first companies to understand the potential of competitive benchmarking and the first for the automotive industry.

Today, A2MAC1 has its sights and methodology aimed at multiple industry sectors, with over 600 employees and 35 nationalities spread over 17 locations in the United States, Asia, Continental Europe, Mexico, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

A2MAC1 built a corpus of knowledge over the past 25 years, aggregating high-quality data and producing detailed analysis and profound insights to give its clients a competitive edge. Through a unique proprietary benchmarking platform and an unrivaled database of over 40 million images, digital twins and more than 1,500 vehicles analyzed, the company offers insights and solutions to manufacturers and industrial companies that help to optimize designs and significantly reduce costs. Along with the full spectrum of benchmarking services, this platform serves more than 650,000 users and 650 clients across the globe.

A2MAC1 has evolved with the market to continuously incorporate new areas of expertise, such as performance, cost and material evaluation, to reinforce its offer with a network of strategic partners, and to refine its data capturing methodologies for the latest innovations. A2MAC1 has evolved to positively influence the clients' decisions and to give them the critical information to make a better world for future generations.

A2MAC1's new signature is 'Decode the future' - the future of its clients, the future of competitive advantage, and the future of sustainability. It is about using the known to predict the unknown.

To a vastly extended scope with unforeseen advantages

As well as being the world's leader in the automotive industry, A2MAC1 now serves multiple industry sectors including transportation, agriculture, appliances, and construction in a move to serve more industries with its benchmarking approach and competitive insights. The company is also investing more in its costing and data analysis solutions. With these advancements in tools and technology, the company is generating more comprehensive and valuable sets of data insights.

"Faced with market upheavals, manufacturers in all sectors are confronted with the growing need to understand and anticipate new and future consumers' demands. Going beyond raw data, our role is to go deeper to create and dissect materials, analyze their composition, and transform the data into comprehensive and valuable insights for our clients. Thanks to our in-depth benchmarking knowledge and global network, we are now able to help all industries, shaping the future through profound insights." Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1

Forever conscious of the environmental challenges manufacturers face, A2MAC1 is taking an active role in its clients' fight to reduce the negative impact on the planet. Throughout a product's life cycle, from its conception to its materials to the way it will be recycled, it can analyze and advise its clients on the cleanest path forward.

"For the past 25 years, A2MAC1 has been uncovering hidden secrets behind the most complex innovations and technologies, transforming invisible data into meaningful insights. We support our clients in understanding the market, but even more so, in anticipating new challenges to shape a smarter, greener, and even more connected future today." Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1

Different identity, same ambition

A2MAC1's proven capabilities to serve many sectors is demonstrated with a new logo and signature, "Decode the future". Rooted in the history of code and its important role in the future of our species, this new identity, designed to reduce energy consumption, is proof of A2MAC1's unwavering commitment to its heritage and the world outside of its business ambitions.

On this date, they also reveal their new website, the flagbearer of the new brand:


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